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I can’t say that on this page you’re going to find anything of substance necessarily, but I try to post one or two monumental findings a month. You’ll find that this page ranges anywhere from awe-exciting photos I’ve found, to tattoos I like, to a video or four. It’s a collection, so to speak, of the things I find online that interest me. This blog is similar, but in a more educational genre, where as my tumblr is strickly fun-induced media.


Ten Things Social Media Can’t Do


#1 Source for Marketing

For all those out there that think social media means whatever is hip among the teens at the time being… It’s not. Viral is the real key, and the answer, creating OVERALL successful viral communication. Combination is what makes successful campaigns. You can not rely on internet based websites to do your business for you… It’s about more than just getting out there. It’s all about two words: image and attack.

New Management at MySpace Cuts 420 Jobs


MySpace was a unique idea. And it was a master of social media and networking, initially. But it has turned into a teenage-based flash of babble and nonsense. There is nothing mature left of it, and that’s the crowd that it should have remained selling to. It’s allowance of page customization would have been a perfect combination to what Facebook initially was going for, and even Facebook is getting far from what seemed to be its initial draw. The groups and additions and apps and everything else are a jumble of everything unnecessary and unneeded. It’s drastically slowing the process, performance, viewing pleasure, maturity, and effectiveness of itself… which will eventually cause it to die out as well, just like MySpace, which, go figure, copies everything MySpace does. They just play off of each others ideas, and again, revert to a “kid-like” atmosphere. Ridiculous. You ruin a good thing. And 420 people had to lose a job over it all? Equally ridiculous. They simply couldn’t pay their bills and were failing, hence a new CEO. They all do it. Trying to save it. Won’t happen. Maybe those 420 have a head start on the other 1,000 at finding a new and safe job to stick to, because MySpace is a fail waiting to happen. He simply can’t effectively manage people if he needed to cut 1/3rd of the company. Budget cut or something, don’t just mass layoff. They’re there for a reason… And probably knew more about the company than does at the moment.