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Encouragement of Bilingualism – FedEx Office Submission

Languages aside from English, Spanish particularly, are widely used in our country more and more. Being able to communicate and provide good customer service is difficult when there is a learning gap. We would strike a strong impression on our consumers were we able to demonstrate such a capability that most companies do not possess. This would also open us up to tap into new markets we currently are not capable of communicating effectively with, creating a loss in possible revenue. As a team member with a degree in integrated marketing communications, I understand the value of such a liaison amidst us.

Part 1: FedEx should create tests based on key languages they feel are a beneficial asset to the company. These tests can test the competency of a team member’s talents. Should a team member pass the test, with a pre-determined score or percentage correct, that team member would receive a small raise for their contribution to their team and their company. All team members who pass would be required to wear the drop down on our name badges that state our language competency.

Part 2: Provide team members compensation (a percentage of class and materials paid for, only if certain grades are obtained) for taking FedEx approved courses in foreign languages the company has voted are most used in the United States. This gives team members the opportunity to reach a higher learning, as well as provides a strong service to the company, without too much added expense to the team member. It would be co-beneficial for both parties. These team members would then be asked to take the language tests in order to receive any bonus long term for these capabilities.


Brown Bailout – Familiarize Yourself

Sign the petition today!!

I encourage all my readers to read the paragraph below, click the link, and sign the petition to protect what will become of this challenge to the way our country and our world transports the goods we rely on day to day.

Join the Wall Street Journal in its stand, along with others, against what is being called “… Political favoritism at its worst, benefiting only UPS and Teamsters while raising transportation costs across the economy“.

(For a direct link to the exclusive Wall Street Journal article, click here:

“Congress is considering a Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill, one version of which includes a UPS-backed provision that would make FedEx Express subject to labor regulations that govern trucking companies instead of regulations that apply to airlines. That change would make it easier for unions to organize certain groups of FedEx Express employees. In an April 26 editorial, the Wall Street Journal strongly criticized the proposed regulatory shift, writing: “If you can’t beat ’em, have Congress hobble ’em. That’s the motto of some in corporate America, and Exhibit A might be United Parcel Service’s campaign to get Washington to impose its labor woes on rival Federal Express. This would be one more union bailout at the expense of business competition and economic efficiency.'” – FedEx Knowledge Network