Blow This Up: Bedroom To Rent

Looking for someone to rent one bedroom of a house next to Winthrop’s campus. Rock Hill, SC on Park Avenue. $395 per month plus a few low utilities. Animals allowed for an extra $20 per month. Start renting now through the summer next year and receive this summer (3 months) free of charge.  Please contact me asap!


Vegetarianism On Debate: Your Input

As many of you know, my current boyfriend is a vegetarian. Now, this is a big difference from veganism, so be sure to have the two clear in your mind. (I’m so thankful he’s not Vegan!)

For a non-vegetarian, I find it hard to find things and places we both can eat, and even the most obvious meats, aren’t so obvious it seems to me. For example: Ramen noodles have beef stock, stuffing mixes commonly have meat flavors, and as the girl at Cook Out forgot, chili DOES include meat even though no hot dog is included.

I’ve read the reasons and heard the debate on why one should be vegetarian, but I seem to have my own debates to contradict a lot of what I learn. It seems to be good for the environment, and a healthy lifestyle if you eat right, but I am not totally sold. So here’s where you come in, I want to hear your input…

I need your STRONGEST debate. I’d love to do it, but I LOVE meat, and I’m struggling… What do you have to say in defense of either?!

P.S. If you DO need a good vegetarian/vegan place to eat in the Charlotte, NC area, I highly recommend ZiZi’s near the University area. It’s all carryout, and they do deliver up to about 18 miles away, which is very helpful and convenient. And it’s definitely fair priced.

Ode To The Life Of A Couch Potato

Where to begin… 3 years at Michaels, which I still love, but equally hate management, I’ve put in my 2 weeks  notice. I’ve held positions from the bottom of the chain, to the top, if you don’t consider store and assistant store  management, which rarely changes. I gave up my full-time management position to pursue a risky career choice in  graphic design, and in less than 3 months, I learned the hard lived lessons of small town, small business  practices… And my good opinion of them grew dark and biased. The corporate world that I left, I find myself now  gratefully rejoining.

These 3 months have been very hard on me. I’ve been through my share of worrying, and although having a nearly  empty schedule ahead of me each week sounds amazing, it really does lose its appeal after a few weeks. While the world goes on around you, you sit and struggle with nothing to do and no true job prospects. My parents, who have always been supportive when I am in need of help, are also more than the typical pushy driving force. They make panic and anxiousness ten times worse, and the constant phone calls and conversations and threats, well honestly, that’s not really what makes me try harder. I’ve always been independent, and if that means falling head first on my face a few times with no one to catch me, well, that’s what has to happen to learn what life is all about.

Friday, after months of waiting, I am pleased to announce that I am signing paperwork for employment tomorrow morning at 9am with Fedex Kinkos, now to be known as Fedex Office. It’s a full-time position, with a reinstated 401k plan, benefits in 3 months, and decent starting pay. I also have a reinstated trust and believe in myself, because I feel I have succeeded in a difficult job market. I recently learned that the job I applied for had over 200 applicants, taking 9-10 weeks to review and interview candidates, and has chosen me to work for Kinkos after a hiring hold on external candidates for the last 2 years throughout the entire Charlotte and surrounding areas. And they seem as glad to have me as I am to work for them.

So far, optimism is high, and even if it might have not been exactly what I had envisioned myself moving into as a career in my head, it’s one I feel is an equal fit for me. Only time will tell, but I want to do the best I can and be strong once again with a company. Being settled and successful is a great feeling.

Re-Entering With A More Valiant Step

I need your comments, your suggestions, your personal advice, your help… This blog is dedicated to my need and your input!

Here’s to possibly having a job by the end of the week (cheers!), and a significant paycheck on the horizon, finally. This will be a more personal blog, but one I need many responses to. Before now, I was a college student who entered into a full-time job before graduating college, so when I had my degree in hand, I was securely situated for as long as I desired to be. Then a better opportunity presented itself, and proved to be probably the worst decision I’ve made to date, for more reasons than one, the biggest reason being basically unemployed. I don’t count my $80 check every two weeks from Michaels… That blog will come soon enough.

So, pending this job opportunity pans out, I might actually have a bit of money to earn and save up. Before, even as a department manager, I wasn’t making enough money, plus was still in a college-kid “help me!” frame of mind, and never truly had to be a “real-world citizen”. Thanks so much to my parents for always being there for me… But it’s about time to cut all ties and tackle life head on. I’ve been waiting for that moment for nearly 24 years, despite how nice it is to have a level of comfort, and I’m preparing as much as one can feel prepared to make the transition. It would be an extremely proud moment for me. Freedom, so to speak.

This is where I need advice and suggestions. I’ve made my list, and done a bit of research, but firsthand experience is always a more valid form of research, in my opinion. You can figure out pros and cons straight from the horse’s mouth and save a few steps along the way with better results at the end.

Car Insurance: Questions – Suggestions on companies. Prices that I might be expecting to pay. Loopholes. Pros/Cons that you’ve discovered your current provider to have.

Car Purchase: Deliberating on trading in my 2004 Honda Accord for a car built a bit better for my stature, and of course, more fuel efficient. This job might be a 45 minute one-way job, and I want to maximize my earnings by decreasing my loses. Questions – What cars do you know of, year included, to be good on gas mileage? Are Honda Civic Hybrids a good car choice? Are Mini Coopers a good car choice? Is this an overall educated decision to make the switch, or am I “jumping the gun”  by making this purchase early in my employment to decrease lost money due to gas waste?

Moving: I’m looking to move to the Charlotte area. This is pretty much a given once May and/or July hits. I’m trying to figure which location would be the best for me. Options as it stands are: 1) The Noda district where I currently stay   2) Near N. Sardis road in Matthews, which would be halfway between boyfriend and work   3) Closer to Indian Trail and Monroe, which is more in the area of where I’ll be working, but understanding I can transfer after 3 months to a Charlotte store if one opens  Questions – Which would you suggest I make the move to? Do you know of any good places to move to in any of these areas? Should I try to find somewhere that is rent to own, or just rent?

I need all the comments/suggestions/help I can get on these matters, so yes, feel free to comment as much as you’d like! I’d love to hear what you have to say! Make me one for the wiser.

Top 10 of ’09

2009 was a great year for music and cd releases, especially as the year was  wrapping up to an end. Now that it’s officially 2010 and we have a whole new  year of music to look forward to (and we hope that it’s good), here is a list of ten  albums released in ’09 that I really enjoyed. These are in no particular order,  except for, of course, Brand New really is my number one top pick… but that’s  extremely impartial (it’s my favorite band – see blogs below).

#1: Daisy by Brand New (pictured)

#2: Self-titled The Fray by The Fray

#3. Hazards of Love by The Decemberists

#4. Swoon by Silversun Pickups

#5. City of Black and White by Mat Kearney

#6. Ocean Eyes by Owl City

#7. The Outsiders by Needtobreathe

#8. A Time for Lions by Stars of Track and Field

#9. Out of Ashes by Dead by Sunrise

#10. Waking Up by OneRepublic

Runners-Up (A tribute to my random taste in music): Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Switchfoot, Flyleaf, The Almost, Creed, P!nk, Between the Buried and Me, Cartel, Sherwood, Built to Spill, Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, Three Days Grace, Muse, Chevelle, The Used, Imogen Heap, Third Eye Blind, Cobra Starship, Modest Mouse, Sick Puppies, August Burns Red, All Time Low, Killswitch Engage, Emery, Green Day, Coldplay, The Devil Wears Prada, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and New Fond Glory.

For a complete list of 2009 releases, visit the Wikipedia page.

The Web In 1-2-3

This is pure genius to a mac user. PC users, you might feel a little left out on this one.

Kudos to Brandon Oxedine.

Annie’s Anthem

Truth is, the smallest things bring the most joy. My grandma asked me for a new version of her the poem that has sat for years on her fridge to replace her old one. She hasn’t seen this yet, but is already tickled to death that I’ve made it for her. I hope she loves it!