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I can’t say that on this page you’re going to find anything of substance necessarily, but I try to post one or two monumental findings a month. You’ll find that this page ranges anywhere from awe-exciting photos I’ve found, to tattoos I like, to a video or four. It’s a collection, so to speak, of the things I find online that interest me. This blog is similar, but in a more educational genre, where as my tumblr is strickly fun-induced media.


The Web In 1-2-3

This is pure genius to a mac user. PC users, you might feel a little left out on this one.

Kudos to Brandon Oxedine.

Charlotte = Embrace

Charlotte, NC-

I’ve certainly never lived in the country, but I’ve never lived in anything bigger than a larger town. From Signal Mountain, TN to Greenwood, SC to Anderson, SC to current town choice of Rock Hill, SC, nothing has ever consisted of skyscrapers and one-way streets. In towns like Columbia and Charleston, though I love them both for their varying array of atmospheric selections, I find myself often overwhelmed with traffic, parking, directions, street names, etc. People are everywhere, especially on the tail-end of my car, and the pressure at times, makes me one grumpy visitor.

I’ve found the same to always be true of Charlotte, NC. Every trip, though full of fun and excitement, has always been a planned trip, with a heavy debate as to who was going to drive and who was going to navigate, and this is only after the debate on where we are even going in the first place, with a list of backup plans on hand.

Though it has only ever been a 30-45 minute journey from the center of Rock Hill, it’s never to be taken lightly. Experiences I’ve had alone, such as finding the police station and courtroom to appeal the traffic ticket I received while lost on my second ever trip to the city, have been exhausting and made me want to visit as little as possible. Familiar places, such as Amos’ Southend, Tremont Music Hall, and the SPCA, ease my worries and anxieties a bit more, and they always deliver a stellar dose of entertainment.

Lately, I’ve found myself a frequent resident, yes, resident, of Charlotte. I stay here often with my amazing boyfriend, Josh. This helps minimize trips to and fro to all the job interviews I’ve had to travel miles and miles to appear for, none successfully, to my dismay (although I’m very knowledgeable on the scam artists in town now). In the meantime, I’ve taken the time to discover the town on my own.

I love the architecture and buildings for one. All the new housing is very sleek and modern, which I adore. With Ikea just a few exits up the road, I’m beyond anxious to be able to move up here and furnish a place of my own. The places are beautiful and I find myself almost wrecking as I drive, because I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from the favorites that I so often pass.

Today I enjoyed a trip to Trader Joe’s, a local grocery store full of organic, healthy foods, very similar to that of an Earth Fare. Their website is perfect for feeding the vegetarian in your life, with recipes and food choice guides all available on their website. My $45 journey for groceries will be transformed into several new, exciting recipes for dinner over the next few nights.

The reasons I’m learning to love and embrace the culture and atmosphere of Charlotte continues to grow, as does my curiosity, desire to reside downtown, and my prospects of working in such a large city. Wish me luck in my endeavors, and in the meantime, enjoy with me my quest of Charlotte, NC.

To follow Josh’s new Twitter page, aka my second Twitter page, full of vegetarian recipe ideas, jokes, comments, inspirations, and more, go to It’s awesome!

50 Impressive Magazine and Newspaper Web Designs

Magazines might still be hanging in there as a form of mass media viable to the American citizen, but newspapers are on a steady decline as technology advances year to year. Both magazines and newspapers have looked to the times and are beginning to embrace this technology as a bandwagon they simply need to jump on to. Being available on the internet is not the only thing to save them, though; it is not a sure-fire way to salvation, only a means of survival. Because of this, some sites are really stepping up to the plate and creating sites that are visually entertaining as well. These are eye-catching, and the designs alone make you want to read and see what the site is honestly all about. Below are a few examples of sites that really make the cut:

See more examples at SpeckyBoy – One awesome design magazine. My suggestion: subscribe to the online newsletter ASAP!


A Snippet: This Blog’s Author

Today, life is run via the internet. It is our ongoing and ever expanding source of all things, human, and non. It is our never ending library, resource center, job board, cookbook, contact system… It is who we are, and as much as we try to deny it, the internet truly defines who we are as a person. It connects us all, through our choice of links, and it is stronger than others, based on our level of expertise and dedication to it. And we get out of it what we put into it, as is life.

For those who read this blog, you know that I am working hard to find a new job, after a bit of poor luck. It happens in the job world. It’s not the greatest time to try to get on our feet, but we do the best we can with what we have available. Since, I do have a background in marketing, I know the importance, although many may scoff, at social networking. It is a lot more essential than many give it credit for… Just so you all many know a bit more about me, get on a more personal level, or connect because you are into social marketing as well, feel free to wise up about who writes these snippets you so often read, or are just discovering.   😉

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To see a few of my more current works, feel free to view below:

50 Examples of Effective Uses of Typography Within Web Design

I have found these to be some beautiful examples of websites that uniquely used typography as a form of design and expression. In my opinion, whoever said to not judge a book by it’s cover… was wrong. I find myself unable to concentrate on the material inside if the material outside can’t even catch my immediate attention. Even when we say we don’t judge based upon the looks of something, we always do. No one person is so non-materialistic that they settle for second best 100% of their life. We always want more, and design is one thing that consistently can give us that push. It is as individualistic as anything can be, and it sets our imagination free. These websites have captured their brand and self image in a positive, successful manner than makes readers want to look more, to feel the site, to gain from it’s expression… 50 examples of effective typography implemented within web design.

Also, note the website on which this article is located: SpeckyBoy. This is an EXCELLENT source for designers and people interested in typography. It’s an online design magazine with frequently updated articles and free downloads. Some categories of interest include: logos, graphic design, photography, css, fireworks, and photoshop. Visit this site at :

The 3/50 Project: An Honest Acknowledgement

50 project

The 3/50 Project
Saving the Brick and Mortars our Nation was Built On

3 Think about which three independently owned businesses you’d miss most if they were gone. Stop in and say hello. Pick up a little something that will make someone smile. Your contribution is what keeps those businesses around.

50 If just half the employed U.S. population spent $50 each month in independently owned businesses, their purchases would generate more than $42.6 billion in revenue. Imagine the positive impact if 3/4 of the employed population did that.

68 For every $100 spent in independently owned stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures. If you spend that in a national chain, only $43 stays here. Spend it online and nothing comes home.

To learn more about this, in my personal opinion, genius concept, visit the official website at:

Credit for this blog is given to none other than two people who deserve much more credit than just that of this blog, of their endorsement of the 350 Project, but more of spreading the art movement throughout the Rock Hill and surrounding areas: Stephen Crotts and Tamara LaValla.

To read Tamara’s blog, visit:

But on to a similar subject…

Gallery UP  ( – Congrats on a two year “birthday”!

Despite it’s exciting 2 year mark, I propose that Gallery UP be the third name on Tamara’s list, especially since she is so modest as to not name it herself. It deserves just as much credit as any other business trying to make it in the area, especially at the rate that businesses are dropping. It’s a huge accomplishment to make it this far, and as much luck as I can bestow on the it’s future.

Not aware of what Gallery UP is? Not sure what they offer? Why go?! Perhaps you should indulge yourself in a video!  Gallery UP

Or if videos just aren’t your thing, read the article from a past Johnsonian article below:

A new craze is hitting downtown Rock Hill. The Tom S. Getty’s Center is now the site of Gallery Up, a premier art gallery. Artwork ranges from drawings, to paintings, to sculpture. The gallery hosts a frame shop to offer a distinct level of artwork preservation after purchase.

“We wanted to give artists a place to display their art professionally” says Tamara Lavalla, co-owner of Lavalla-Maddox Art and Design and Gallery Up.

Gallery Up is unique in its ties to the Winthrop community. Co-Directors Stephanie Jordan and Alfred McCloud, Winthrop fine arts graduates, both boast impressive resumes post-graduation. Together, they inspire current Winthrop hopefuls to follow in their footsteps towards artistic success.

“We aim to make the high quality work found in a formal gallery setting more accessible by creating this space in which people can buy original artwork in the low range of $20 to $500. We hope the Gallery Up store inspires people to buy handmade, original art items as well as lead the way to easily find Winthrop alumni, faculty, and student artwork,” said Gallery Up Co-Director Stephanie Jordan.

Local artists are encouraged to submit artistic works to the gallery. A high emphasis is placed on student works that display a higher degree of skill and knowledge. The gallery hosts Winthrop’s Silent Art Auction each year for those accomplished students who wish to display and profit from their efforts.

“Gallery Up is concentrated solely on the quality of art. They are extremely supportive of Winthrop artists and strongly encourage them to step into the gallery scene,” says Jessica Johnson, a senior art major at Winthrop.

Professor Marge Moody is just one Winthrop-based artist displaying works at Gallery Up. Moody, a current professor, is highly respected in the community as an exceptionally talented artist. Her published artwork portfolio can be purchased at Gallery Up.

More than just for Winthrop students and local artists throughout the Rock Hill area, the gallery is expected to be a unique addition to the growing downtown scene. People are encouraged to visit the gallery downtown for art, instead of traveling to Charlotte. Gallery Up hopes to open up a new venue for artists not only in Rock Hill, but across the Midwest.

Gallery Up is located at 201 E. Main on the second floor. The shop is open Monday to Friday from 10 to 5 and every second and fourth Saturday from 11 to 3. Gallery crawls are to be held Thursday and Friday nights.

Upcoming Event of Interest: Senior Photo Show and Art Auction (see blog below for photo show details)