Private property + Facebook = Out the Window Concept

My Facebook page belongs to me. It’s set to private, and only people I know have access to its contents. I’d like to say whatever I want to say on it, but somehow, it still doesn’t work out that way. Private property + Facebook = Out the window concept.

I’d like to have comfort in the thought that, as long as it’s not crossing the line, that I could write whatever I wanted to on my page. For example, someone makes me really mad and I just want to vent, so I write something about them and post it was a status update. Well, at least I feel better, right? Too bad it’s not possible. Hackers. Liars. Spies. Dishonesty. Those are all reasons and types of people that steal your private life right out from under you. They deny you of any personal right you MIGHT have had.

What if I paid for my Facebook page? Could it be free then? – I doubt it. People are always going to be assholes. Most people I’ve found are. To find a person I appreciate and respect nowadays… Near impossible. Even people on my Facebook I deem an enemy; Adding you means nothing more than “I feel I have to for purposes and reasons beyond my control” or “It’s the right/polite thing to do” or the rare “I just wanted to follow your page bc it’s the Facebook thing to do”.

I can’t wait until the day I can have somewhere to say what I want to say, and not be crucified for it. I’ll probably be long gone before it ever happens, if there is even any chance in it occurring in the first place. So much for freedom and the personal bubble concept, or even free speech for that matter. It’s all just an intention, not an actual reality. Reality, in reality, is more real than we know, and will come back to bite you.


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