Updates @ 1:45am… 2 months Later. (Pardon)

Inspiration, as always, has led me back to my blog, then twitter. Oh how I missed you both!

A quick update for any followers of my ever so eventful life: Working for FedEx Office as a CCS in a compact car. Hard work, too much stress often, but a better paycheck. Heck, a paycheck period, which is quite a step up from my previous unemployed state of misery. I am pleased to announce, despite all odds (in my book I collectively call them this, as rashly as one can), I can announce I had my 3 month evaluation and I’m locked down. The company itself has an enormous amount of growth potential, as well as outstanding benefits. I look forward to going back to school… for free. I’m holding my own bill wise, and so, I got a tattoo to commemorate this occasion (kudos to Mike French of Blood, Sweat, and Tears Tattoo in Charlotte, NC). Josh and I are doing very well, his new car and all (long story for a rainy day)… I’m very pleased about this, because although he might never read this, he means the world to me and I would be lost without him in my life. He’s my everything, then some, and an apple (of my eye, of course). I love him dearly, and I do look forward to the chance that we might one day take it to the next level, and eventually have a family. (Side note: The first child, I have been informed, will be named Logan after Wolverine from the X-Men. True story.) We are looking into officially moving in together in a rental we found through friends in Charlotte off of Rozelles Ferry. Ikea, here we come! We’re already preparing in high anticipation. In the meantime, I got a bike and a tennis racket to blow off energy until the big move date. I can’t wait!

I also include some awesome tidbits, and so, for tonight’s momentous re-acquaintance of my blog and myself, here is some need to know things:

1. Shit My Days Says: Follow it on Twitter. Funniest page that has existed, if you have dirty, crude humor like I luckily gained from my father. It’s so random and makes me laugh contageously. They just released a book, which I WILL buy, check it out: http://shitmydadsays.com/book

2. Changing icons on a Mac can be done the easy way, the hard way, or the extreme way combined with the previous two options. For a tech fix and maybe the purchase of Candy Bar for $29 online, you can download whole folders of icons others have made and modify some or all icons together, semi-professionally. The downfalls are the cost, and no you can’t use cheat codes, and that the program is a bit difficult + a hassle to use. But go for it if you want to sound/look really smart in an overly complicated fashion. And for the easy way, followed by hours of addictive icon swaping, here goes: Google Images. Search for an icon. Be sure it’s a .PNG file, otherwise, this won’t work. Find the icon you currently use in Finder. Right click the google image and select copy image. Now right click the icon you’re trying to change in finder. Click Get Info. Click the icon in the very top left corner of the box that appeared on your screen. Press Command + V and… Free and easy icon changes!! To create your own, follow the above steps, but prior to: Draw your image clearly and dark on paper. Scan in and place in Illustrator. Create outlines. Clean these up using your mouse, or the really nice finished professional way i.e. a Waccom Tablet. Save. From here, follow the above methods.

Wa-la! Now you can say, today, you learned something! Now, go prosper.


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