Vegetarianism On Debate: Your Input

As many of you know, my current boyfriend is a vegetarian. Now, this is a big difference from veganism, so be sure to have the two clear in your mind. (I’m so thankful he’s not Vegan!)

For a non-vegetarian, I find it hard to find things and places we both can eat, and even the most obvious meats, aren’t so obvious it seems to me. For example: Ramen noodles have beef stock, stuffing mixes commonly have meat flavors, and as the girl at Cook Out forgot, chili DOES include meat even though no hot dog is included.

I’ve read the reasons and heard the debate on why one should be vegetarian, but I seem to have my own debates to contradict a lot of what I learn. It seems to be good for the environment, and a healthy lifestyle if you eat right, but I am not totally sold. So here’s where you come in, I want to hear your input…

I need your STRONGEST debate. I’d love to do it, but I LOVE meat, and I’m struggling… What do you have to say in defense of either?!

P.S. If you DO need a good vegetarian/vegan place to eat in the Charlotte, NC area, I highly recommend ZiZi’s near the University area. It’s all carryout, and they do deliver up to about 18 miles away, which is very helpful and convenient. And it’s definitely fair priced.


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