Ode To The Life Of A Couch Potato

Where to begin… 3 years at Michaels, which I still love, but equally hate management, I’ve put in my 2 weeks  notice. I’ve held positions from the bottom of the chain, to the top, if you don’t consider store and assistant store  management, which rarely changes. I gave up my full-time management position to pursue a risky career choice in  graphic design, and in less than 3 months, I learned the hard lived lessons of small town, small business  practices… And my good opinion of them grew dark and biased. The corporate world that I left, I find myself now  gratefully rejoining.

These 3 months have been very hard on me. I’ve been through my share of worrying, and although having a nearly  empty schedule ahead of me each week sounds amazing, it really does lose its appeal after a few weeks. While the world goes on around you, you sit and struggle with nothing to do and no true job prospects. My parents, who have always been supportive when I am in need of help, are also more than the typical pushy driving force. They make panic and anxiousness ten times worse, and the constant phone calls and conversations and threats, well honestly, that’s not really what makes me try harder. I’ve always been independent, and if that means falling head first on my face a few times with no one to catch me, well, that’s what has to happen to learn what life is all about.

Friday, after months of waiting, I am pleased to announce that I am signing paperwork for employment tomorrow morning at 9am with Fedex Kinkos, now to be known as Fedex Office. It’s a full-time position, with a reinstated 401k plan, benefits in 3 months, and decent starting pay. I also have a reinstated trust and believe in myself, because I feel I have succeeded in a difficult job market. I recently learned that the job I applied for had over 200 applicants, taking 9-10 weeks to review and interview candidates, and has chosen me to work for Kinkos after a hiring hold on external candidates for the last 2 years throughout the entire Charlotte and surrounding areas. And they seem as glad to have me as I am to work for them.

So far, optimism is high, and even if it might have not been exactly what I had envisioned myself moving into as a career in my head, it’s one I feel is an equal fit for me. Only time will tell, but I want to do the best I can and be strong once again with a company. Being settled and successful is a great feeling.


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