Re-Entering With A More Valiant Step

I need your comments, your suggestions, your personal advice, your help… This blog is dedicated to my need and your input!

Here’s to possibly having a job by the end of the week (cheers!), and a significant paycheck on the horizon, finally. This will be a more personal blog, but one I need many responses to. Before now, I was a college student who entered into a full-time job before graduating college, so when I had my degree in hand, I was securely situated for as long as I desired to be. Then a better opportunity presented itself, and proved to be probably the worst decision I’ve made to date, for more reasons than one, the biggest reason being basically unemployed. I don’t count my $80 check every two weeks from Michaels… That blog will come soon enough.

So, pending this job opportunity pans out, I might actually have a bit of money to earn and save up. Before, even as a department manager, I wasn’t making enough money, plus was still in a college-kid “help me!” frame of mind, and never truly had to be a “real-world citizen”. Thanks so much to my parents for always being there for me… But it’s about time to cut all ties and tackle life head on. I’ve been waiting for that moment for nearly 24 years, despite how nice it is to have a level of comfort, and I’m preparing as much as one can feel prepared to make the transition. It would be an extremely proud moment for me. Freedom, so to speak.

This is where I need advice and suggestions. I’ve made my list, and done a bit of research, but firsthand experience is always a more valid form of research, in my opinion. You can figure out pros and cons straight from the horse’s mouth and save a few steps along the way with better results at the end.

Car Insurance: Questions – Suggestions on companies. Prices that I might be expecting to pay. Loopholes. Pros/Cons that you’ve discovered your current provider to have.

Car Purchase: Deliberating on trading in my 2004 Honda Accord for a car built a bit better for my stature, and of course, more fuel efficient. This job might be a 45 minute one-way job, and I want to maximize my earnings by decreasing my loses. Questions – What cars do you know of, year included, to be good on gas mileage? Are Honda Civic Hybrids a good car choice? Are Mini Coopers a good car choice? Is this an overall educated decision to make the switch, or am I “jumping the gun”  by making this purchase early in my employment to decrease lost money due to gas waste?

Moving: I’m looking to move to the Charlotte area. This is pretty much a given once May and/or July hits. I’m trying to figure which location would be the best for me. Options as it stands are: 1) The Noda district where I currently stay   2) Near N. Sardis road in Matthews, which would be halfway between boyfriend and work   3) Closer to Indian Trail and Monroe, which is more in the area of where I’ll be working, but understanding I can transfer after 3 months to a Charlotte store if one opens  Questions – Which would you suggest I make the move to? Do you know of any good places to move to in any of these areas? Should I try to find somewhere that is rent to own, or just rent?

I need all the comments/suggestions/help I can get on these matters, so yes, feel free to comment as much as you’d like! I’d love to hear what you have to say! Make me one for the wiser.



  larry timbs wrote @

1. I’ve been with GEICO insurance for many, many years. I recommend them highly. Not cheap (but what insurance company is?), but they deliver when you have a claim.

2. I highly recommend living in the South Park area of Charlotte. Beautiful and exciting place to be. If you look hard and closely, you can find an affordable place there.

3. Car choice: I love my 2003 VW New Beetle diesel; gets mid-30s per gallon in town; up to the low 40s on highway trips. Hard to beat that fuel economy. Those Germans know how to build a car! I’ve also had a Subaru Outback (not great mileage), but an excellent car. Sometimes miss my Outback.

Hope the new job opportunity works out for you, Ellen. You deserve a break! Post a comment on my blog when you get a chance. Let me know you’re still out there reading my stuff. As you know, all of us in the blogosphere love traffic on our blogs!

  scotirish86 wrote @

From Leah, who doesn’t know how to post I don’t believe. lol.

Car insurance- Steve Preston is way cool. He will go through several companies to get you the cheapest rates. 704-321-2900. He was definitely the cheapest I could find.

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