Cheesecake Factory

Wild Blueberry White Chocolate and Adam's Peanut Butter

The Cheesecake Factory

4400 Sharon Road
Charlotte, NC 28211-3606
(704) 770-0076

The Cheesecake Factory menu features more than 200 menu selections made fresh from scratch each day – using only the highest quality ingredients – which combines to create our remarkable tastes.

I recently visited the Cheesecake Factory for the first time, somewhere I’ve been meaning to go to for years… I love cheesecake! Here’s what I thought:

Location: In the heart of Charlotte off of Tyvola Road (Exit 5 on I-77) in the Southpark district, connected to the Southpark Mall near the Crate and Barrel. This provides a chance to get in a good walk through stores before or after the meal… I highly suggest it afterwards, because without fail, you will be extremely full. It sits next to a large parking garage, so finding a place to park isn’t such a hassle, although I short walk will usually be involved. The building itself is enormous and elaborately decorated, with high ceilings, columns, and a golden interior that would awe almost anyone.

Food: This menu is a little bit of every simple pleasure you ever wanted to put in your mouth… But watch your portions. If you go before 5pm, I suggest ordering a lunch portion, because as they will tell you, the portions are very large. When my lunch plate came, I thought it looked smaller than I was expecting from their description of sizes, and I almost wished that I had ordered the normal portion, but to my surprise, I couldn’t even finish it, and still had cheesecake to go! As far as taste, it was rich and delicious. Cheesecake Factory is not just for dessert… Although I’d gladly go there for just that.  🙂

Service: The waiter that we had was very nice, and shared his favorite dessert, as well as those of others. I was glad he shared portion sizes with us prior to ordering, as not all restaurants will allow; it showed that they were there for the customer and what they feel they are looking for from their Cheesecake Factory experience. He was also very willing to help me choose between the two cheesecake types I was torn between, and I thought his answer was a smart assessment… The only part that threw me off a bit was that all waiters/waitresses are expected to dress in all white. As we know, plumbers pants are about the only white pants easy and cheap to find, so yes, I felt like a plumber was serving me food. White also gets dirty, and since I want to enjoy a clean experience, white was not a good choice, in my opinion, because each had food splashed up their sleeves. And the white shoes, mainly sketchers work, were obviously distracting to me as I ate… I think Cheesecake Factory might want to work on this selection. Tisk tisk.

Price: As warned, the prices are a bit high. It’s not going to be a spot in for a bite to eat, but more of an experience, so expect to pay that way. Lunches are at least $10 a person, drink and tip not included. Dinners are more on a $15-$20 range, drink and tip not included. Cheesecake slices are about $6-$7 a slice, but well worth the money. I did not see a cheesecake platter/smapler option, which I was eager to purchase, but this is not to say that it doesn’t exist… Please let me know if anyone knows of one and a bit of specifics about it. Overall, I do suggest that, as stated, you go before 5pm if you are not someone that can eat a giant’s amount of food, but if you don’t mind a to-go box, the choices, you’ll find, are infinite… And will delight you infinitely!

Conclusion: I can’t wait to go again! I think that next time, although the food was WONDERFUL, I might opt to go for just a slice or two of cheesecake, since it was the very best part of the meal. It is rightly named, and is everything it is made out to be. It would be an excellent place to take a date, or to celebrate a holiday. Absolutely beautiful from start to finish. I HIGHLY recommend it!


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