Homeless That The Salvation Army Doesn’t Reach To

Cami - My Pick

I recently visited the Humane Society of Charlotte, North Carolina, my first trip ever to anywhere with homeless pets in need of care. My current dog, Bailey Asheton, needed to be spayed, and they offer fast turn-around and, my main interest in the humane society, micro-id tagging. These procedures will ensure that Bailey does not add to the over-population of dogs in my area, as well as creates a way to easily track and find her in the future if she ever gets too far from home.

This is Cami. She was my favorite dog at the shelter, and I would love to own her if it were an option. Here’s a bit about her for any that might be interested in taking her home:

Animal ID 9189886
Species Dog
Breed Whippet/Shetland Sheepdog
Age 7 months
Sex Female
Size Medium
Color Fawn/White
Declawed No
Housetrained Unknown
No Small Kids
Intake Date 11/28/2009
Adoption Price $95.00

they don’t need much. but they do need you.

Visit the Humane Society of Charlotte’s website at:


Humane Society of Charlotte

2700 Toomey Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 377-0534 – phone
(704) 332-8010 – fax

Hours of Operation
The Humane Society of Charlotte is open everyday from 11am-5pm and is closed to the public on Wednesdays.

Volunteers and donations are always welcomed. Remember:

$25 will feed four hungry kittens for one week.
$50 will supply a warm, comfy bed for dogs in their kennels.
$75 can provide one spay/neuter surgery to prevent more homeless animals.
$100 will make sure four puppies stay healthy by receiving their necessary vaccinations.
$250 will have 30 cats tested to keep feline leukemia and AIDS from making lots of other cats sick.
$500 funds five heartworm tests.
$1500 can provide nutritious food for the Humane Society animals for approximately two months.


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  larry timbs wrote @

Let’s hope someone steps forward and offers this loveable animal a good home.

Hope you’re well, Ellen.

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