50 Impressive Magazine and Newspaper Web Designs

Magazines might still be hanging in there as a form of mass media viable to the American citizen, but newspapers are on a steady decline as technology advances year to year. Both magazines and newspapers have looked to the times and are beginning to embrace this technology as a bandwagon they simply need to jump on to. Being available on the internet is not the only thing to save them, though; it is not a sure-fire way to salvation, only a means of survival. Because of this, some sites are really stepping up to the plate and creating sites that are visually entertaining as well. These are eye-catching, and the designs alone make you want to read and see what the site is honestly all about. Below are a few examples of sites that really make the cut:

See more examples at SpeckyBoy – One awesome design magazine. My suggestion: subscribe to the online newsletter ASAP!




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