The Font That Changed 50 Years of Ikea History

Font: –noun Printing.

a complete assortment of type of one style and size.

You see a letter or a word, and I see brand image. Typography, the slightest difference, with the largest rippling effects. It controls the very character and essence of a company. And it really can be a make or break situation to change fonts mid-brand establishment.

Ikea, after 50 years of Futura, decided to embrace the more similar Verdana font face. To the naked eye, you might not even realize there is a difference at all, but to designers and marketers, the difference means the world, and possibly the entire reputation of the company.

Why the change so suddenly in 2010? Cost-effectiveness and generalization. Yes, you do see the contradiction here: Ikea is a brand created on design uniqueness and giving the artistic public exactly what it wants, some of which include, but are not limited to: clarity, purity, simplicity, and diversity.

“It’s more efficient and cost-effective,” said IKEA’s spokeswoman Monika Gocic. Verdana makes it possible for Ikea to use the same font all over the world, also allowing the print and web to equally share consistence. Usually, this is a smart move in terms of marketing, but not so in the case of Ikea. Designers are outraged, declaring a poor sense of aesthetics and corporate identity, and this doesn’t even cover what PR is flying. In fact, click here to sign the petition against font face changes for the company:

And while the majority of the Ikea community remains outraged, the average customer has this to comment: “Typographic Madness, but I’m sure they’ll still sell plenty of hot dogs.”

For typography enthusiasts, this is a hot topic. What’s your opinion?


For more typography identity changes, note Audi @


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[…] 1. As mentioned, this resembles “Lol.” – I hope they plan on being more social network oriented if that’s the approach they were going for. Changing tyography styles or manipulating what was pre-existing is drastic. Sometimes, a change in font type or style is necessary more than just an alteration. Be sure this is truly what you want to say about yourself and that you are prepared to have valid backing for why you chose this for your brand. (Read more about this topic at: […]

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