Communication is Essential. Always remember this…

With today’s uncanny amount of methods of communication, I personally see no reason why any one person should be disregarded. This is especially true in the business world. Although many emails, text messages, and letters arrive daily, you wouldn’t miss responding to it if it were a client. You should always make a point to respond to your mail as it comes, or organize it in such a way that it can be addressed within 48 hours. Otherwise, you’ve neglected an opportunity.

Communication is essential. Even if you are waiting on someone else before you contact the original source, say so. That doesn’t leave anyone outside of the know; there is no question about the status of the situation. This is also true with contacting people in situation such as… an interview.

Let me explain:

A job offers an interview. You jump at the offer. It sounds great, even if it is just a start, even if it is extremely part time from home. It’s an opportunity, and right now, that’s much more than it was a year ago. I’ll take it. But here’s where they go wrong… That could be a great or pathetic person on the other side of the communication track, but really, it doesn’t matter. Nothing hurts giving a chance to someone. And you can screen them before you ever respond. You made the first initial move, but it really didn’t mean that you had to get a response… but you DID. That means the company is interested, even offered an interview… then nothing. This is where communication breaks down. In my opinion, even if it is to say that they will get back with you about a time and place, that at least needs to be said. It is wrong to toss out false opportunities you never tending on keeping. And although it is the job of the person asking for the opportunity, it isn’t solely there responsibility. They returned your email… You could do the same.

As I said, you never know who is on the other side of the communication. I wouldn’t risk the chance it was someone important, powerful, or simply an asset just waiting to be found. Or it could be nobody… But what does it hurt to fulfill your obligation? I’ll say one thing, it’s definitely a breakdown of your credibility at the least. It shows a lot about a company… And in this case, it doesn’t make the person asking for a job an easy feeling. They simply will walk into the interview, if it ever happens, with a lack of confidence in the people they are trying to impress. That’s… a recipe for disaster.

PR. Not only public relations, but personal respect. Do it justice.


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