Hop, Skip, and… Don’t Jump; You’re Now Unemployed

There are many life lessons to learn. It’s part of the painful process of growing up. The hardest lessons being the worst ones of the bunch.

I had one of those! I think I’m suppose to feel empowered or something a bit more, I don’t know, less depressing. But, I’ve got a lot more growing to do, so instead, I feel about as wide as your thumb and index finger can spread apart (f.y.i. My hands are small, so for me, that’s really small).

I’m here to say this though, chances don’t come often, so you have to take them. They might bring with them [devastating] consequences, but that’s where those invaluable life lessons really kick in; live and learn. You can’t control anything, as much as you’d like to, and in this day and age, trying your hardest, obviously, only goes so far. You can look back on things all day long and say “If I had just…”, but in the end, you didn’t just do this or that, so make now that “just” moment in life and figure out the next step… That’s where I am. I left stability, took a chance, and it failed miserably, and has left me totally high and dry with no real options left. This my friends is what we call a bad choice, among several other [inappropriate] things I’m tagging this particular situation at the moment. Life is far from fair, get that much straight.

So for any of those people out there unemployed, hey, I’m with you [again]! Head high… This could be the opportunity of a lifetime… Let’s hope so at least. I haven’t been as happy as I wish I had been, so this could be a blessing in disguse. Paying the bills at the moment, on the other hand, isn’t in disguse at all [lol]. Yes, I laughed at my own situation, trust, that wasn’t my inital reaction. I’m a girl… We don’t laugh at losing our jobs. Definitely not a laugh, many other things… No to laughing.

For those out there with a job [ha], I’m a integrated marketing major, 4 1/2 years of college experience, live and learn, with a minor in art, specifically graphic arts. I love to design, among other things, which is why I feel I am sure a strong marketer overall. I think my combination of the two, given the right tools and opportunity, can go through the roof. I need a chance, positive encouragement, and well, a job, but besides that… I need the right environment that truly matches where I can go. Find me, and I might just be the greatest thing since sliced bread, if you don’t let me go 3 months later too. I see possibility in myself, and with my work ethic and drive and passion for what I love, I really see a lot of potential, just buried. I dabble in so much that I feel I am going to really be an explosive tool one of these days… and please no, I’m not cocky. Really, I just know I’ve got the goods, just nowhere to set them down at.

Feel free to offer me a job. Thanks for reading!  In the meantime… Back to meager retail. [Suffering artist syndrome]


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