Literary Consultation

So, this blog. Basically, it’s where I get the word out. Where I express thought. Where I choose to enlighten. To inform. To educate. To simply to strike topics that interest me and I feel might be of interest to others. Or just a place where you find a lot of vowels, adjectives, and compound sentences.

To me it is more than strings of letters divided by commas and ended with a period at the end. But thanks to the teacher that taught me to include those as I write. This blog, as insignificant as it might be, is a place. It’s the home of my free thought. A comfort zone if you will. A forum.

What you write is not as important as where you write, as long as it gets out. Each person, whether they realize it or not, has a place that they find they can consistently come to. This happens to be one of mine. But that is not the extent to it. Everyone must find the one place that thoughts are evoked the most. For some, it’s constrained to lines that dictate the straightness in which each measured line length runs. Others prefer to perfect the art of not tearing a hole in their left over napkin with a ballpoint pen. And others, well, they write in odd places, like when I read a guy likes to write in the dust on top of his refrigerator (he’s rather tall).

I’m much more a book person myself when I’m not blogging, but for me, the peacefulness comes in finding the right type of book. Not all will do. I do judge books by there covers, very critically. I’m fascinated with color and design, and I have a style that suits me, and that book is one of compliment to it. And it’s writing, together, form almost a piece of art to me when complete, as all writing should. And if I don’t finish to the end, or if I buy it and later feel something doesn’t tempt me to use it and it collects dust, well, whatever I had to say wasn’t meant for that time and place I suppose.

Point being, there is no such thing as writers block. It’s simply a mismatch of situation. You have to find the right piece to the puzzle before you can put it all together again. Same with writing. If you’re not where you need to be, the words won’t be either.  And who’s to say that it’s always the same place and way everytime, because I don’t know a single person that’s 100% predictable. If you have nothing but a bubblegum wrapper handy, and you’re have a thought that’s about to wisp away and never be remembered again, then the situation overtook you. But damn that’ll be the most important bubblegum wrapper you’ll never want to throw away.

The paper napkin on my beside table reads:PaperCloudOnionpodsDecorativeJournal-TDG-Nester-fb

Breathe in, breathe out,

Dream about things

You think the most about.

Wish for things, tride and true,

And maybe those things,

Will come to you.


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