Apple Yet To Gain One Overwhelming Market

AppleLogoApple’s new iPhone 3Gs. Revolutionary. A step in the right direction, and a leap above competitors such as Palm, Nokia, Google, and Research in Motion. Hailed as the ‘best smart phone experience” with over one million sold in mere days. Unheard of.

But I’m here to tell you something else that is unheard of, and be as it may I understand they attempted to offer the deal originially… Verizon customers no way and no how are able to even jailbreak an iphone to use with the Verizon network.

As a dedicated Apple product user, as I type on my MacBook Pro and listen to my 16gb iTouch (upgraded from the 8gb and unable to afford the 32gb), I would prefer to use Apple across the board. I find it a bit unfair to have no access to all this technology which is changing the way we see cellular usage across the world, and have no window of opportunity to reach it, unless by changing cell phone carriers. Verizon is the largest, most widely used company. Why does it not make sense to allow the iPhone, an Apple product, the leader in cell phones at the moment, and the largest cell phone service provider, to work hand in hand?

Verizon, you made a huge mistake when you didn’t take that deal. Think of the number of people who switched coverage just for that phone! If you just had a crack… Some way to make the two simultaneous choices… You frustrate me. Where is your equivalent? The Blackberry Storm?… Blackberry phones are the conventualism of yesterday. Overrated and over-purchased. The BMW of cell phones; all “working” people must have phone of the century. Blah. It drives like a Kia. Not a likely future purchase for me; it would be far from a good choice.

I’m not sure who is in charge of those negotiations, but I’d be getting on that stat, especially with the newest iPhone release. That’s just money pouring dow the drain every time they improve it, which they will continue, count on Apple for that. And it will always be the latest and greatest, no matter what. That’s Apple. And its customers are VERY brand loyal. *cough*


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