Best Buy Truly A Consumer Best Buy?

“It’s not enough to tell people what your brand is…you have to be what you want your brand to be.”

Perfect example of an act of desperation during desperate times. And a dumb one. Best Buy, as mentioned in the article, was handed an opportunity of a lifetime on a silver platter, all they had to do was take it. Instead, it’s the birthday cake effect, shoving all the contents right in your face, in this case, to Walmart. Not smart in the least.

If you’re going to openly attack another brand, especially one like a nationwide monopoly of all things holy, make it a smart move. Have a strong base foundation on which to attack from. This is like biting someone’s ankles and hoping to God they fall, not the David and Goliath I think they are going to pull off.

To outdo your competition, you don’t verbally and publically badmouth them. Certainly, brining in some redhead that has worked at Best Buy for 3 whole years in two different departments, isn’t going to do the trick, as feisty as redheads may be. In fact, does that speak well to your employee longevity? Wouldn’t it be smarter to choose someone who has been with the company for quite a while and is extremely knowledgeable? Why a 3 year long employee? Heck, I’ve almost been with Michaels for that long, and I am in charge of an entire department bringing in a good 18% – 25% profit for the company on a slow day, and I by far would never feel that I was the right choice to speak for a brand. Personable choice, yes, strong choice, which was the point… no. Your are saying your are the best, it’s even in your title, and you think that represents your best people, attitude, commitment, service…? Need I go on?

Clean your store. Lower prices. Stock your shelves. Create better customer service and product awareness. Widen the selection of products both in store and online, and make them easily accessible. Change attitudes to be more customer based; we shouldn’t find you, you should come to find us. Increase product knowledge and add displays to point out pros and cons of popular items. Play music and movies in the store that feature products on your shelf. You have a new text message system in your ad… that’s smart, and new, and bold, and original, and nothing anyone else has. Go with that! In fact, how about create cost comparisons from it as well… And stick to the price match guarantee. 90 skus, 70 skus… I work retail; that number of skus isn’t worth blinking my eye at… You want to compare to Walmart, compare prices and products more to what they offer.

You have to be BETTER, so if you think you are the BEST, it has to be across the board. You have to SHOW it, and PROVE it. You can cut media costs and play lame, blame ads all day long, but words along will never keep you afloat. Everything today is about presentation and performance. You want to be the best, then do more than say you are the best, actually stick to what you present yourselves as, and hold to that promise and commitment.


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