Internet: The Ultimate Resource

teensThe internet. Debatably the best invention of all time. Today’s generation almost is incapable of existing without it. It’s equivalent to electricity when you stop to think about it; without it, we are totally sitting in the dark, unable to see two feet in front of us, and not a clue what to do or where to go next. Arguably, it is the ultimate resource of all time, completely making all written material previously used near extinct. The real debate, to me, should not be if it is the best resource, because it is, or the best tool, because it is that too, but really whether or not it hinders us or aids us.

Let me be more exact. The positive side of the internet: The internet is a tool which spans the globe. It takes seconds to interact with people halfway across the world, less time even than it takes some people to blink their eyes. It travels with us far from home or work, as long as signal is available, which is increasing in availability daily. It is the best way to talk to others, without ever uttering a word. You can avoid people if you want to, ignore them, or delete them before you ever give them a chance. Or it is the best tool of talk, from chat rooms to blogs to email to direct messaging programs. It reaches all generations who chose to use it, and appeals to all of their special requests, needs, desires, or preferences. It’s easy to us, and once you get the hang of it, it’s possibilities are endless. Marketing is a million times better since it’s creation. Life in general is a billion times easier since its creation. It reaches places you never thought you could reach, accesses a broad range of audiences, and never gets old or unused.

The negative side of the internet: It can be deceiving. This is number one. You can get impressions, sort of like occurs with text messaging, that are possibly totally skewed. You really never know what you’re getting yourself into, asking to receive, or submitting to. It gives everyone an excuse to never have confrontation, which in todays world might make the all the difference, the person side of business and life, or it gives us reason to create confrontations of which we might never before have considered, internet dating sites for example. It can be more dangerous than we give it credit for, even so much heart breaking. It’s a letdown. It makes us crazy; we pry and poke and spy like we never saw ourselves doing, simply because we have access to the lives of others at the touch of a button. Scary. With the internet, we create personality, even some that are no more real than the man in the moon, and likewise, we take away any chance at personality, or rather “personability”, that we might have had.

The internet can be our ticket to all things create, or can be our demise. It is all based on our use of it, our morals, are precautions, our decision. It can make us, or it can break us down. It is the key, but it opens many doors we might wish we’d never opened. The internet is all we make it out to be; we shouldn’t allow our lives to become consumed by it. We should stick it in our back pocket and cherish it.


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  larry timbs wrote @

Or, as I always say: The best thing about the Internet is the Internet. And the worst think about the Internet is the Internet.

Go figure.

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