Brawny Vs. Bounty Vs. Paper Products Period

Citation:  papertowel-patterns051209

Who ever knew that a simple pattern located in a product was just a war-causing trademark. Something as small as a diamond or bowtie can cause million dollar damage to the paper industry.

Georgia Pacific appears to have made as much if not more money in lawsuits over the past few settlements than product sales. They currently are suing Proctor and Gamble for the second time. The first lawsuit Georgia Pacific won, and Proctor and Gamble hardly even fought back, admitting to their false advertisement accusations. Now, they are in their second lawsuit battle, and appear to have a bit more fight in them than the last time. The lawsuit: pattern copyright infringement.

In my opinion, Georgia Pacific has already won. (note picture in the article) The P&G shape is the exact same thing, minus inner designs. Not to mention, the more the better right? Draw your own conclusions.

Reasons I’d choose Georgia Pacific over P&G:   1. More design = better grip and retain = better product   2. Won the last lawsuit with flying colors   3.  Yet to be sued for similar accusations, always suing others for copying their product   4.  If others want to copy them so much, they MUST be good!

Proctor and Gamble, as we all know, is a huge company. They have numerous successful products and conduct a large slice of the market. I think that with a company as massive as P&G, surely they have the minds and power to create there own product. Why not challenge yourself to make a BETTER product than Georgia Pacific and other competition can? Seems like a no-brainer. I think that if they lose this lawsuit, well, even if they don’t, that their constant lawsuits for false advertisement and product copying shows that they are losing their edge and looking to competition for answers. That’s not exactly the kind of company I want to buy my products from… And they are losing reputation in the process. You can’t trust a company that doesn’t learn their lesson the first time, or has to resort to many lessons before they actually make a product that belongs to them. Reading this article was a huge disappointment to me. Even the best of companies struggle, but one like P&G, shouldn’t break.


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  larry timbs wrote @

Interesting post, Ellen. Reads easily. Now upload some art or pictures to go with it. Will make your comments even more compelling. And include some links in the body of your post. Links are the power of blogging. (See links in my own posts.) I try to have at least one in each post.

Go for it!

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