Food Goes Digital

Pizza_sliceI found this to be an interesting concept. I recently read an article discussing how pizza companies are leaning more towards online ordering. For some reason, pizza ordering just seems to be one of those spur of the moment deals where you call it in spontaneously, and one of those numbers everyone seems to save in their phone contacts. The whole concept of ordering online, oddly, is strange to me. And almost more complicated. A call takes no additional effort aside from pressing a call button… But yet, they are right in the fact that it allows orders to be correct 99.9% of the time, erasing the entire need for entrusting an extremely busy employee to have the responsibility of writing it down correctly. Not to mention, I’m not going to have to argue with not having to wait on hold, and then get one of the rudest people you’ll ever speak to 20 minutes later. It makes it easier for employees, that’s for sure, but I find it also possibly an excuse to lack in the customer service aspect, something pizza places are definitely not known for.

Here are several positive aspects to online ordering, in my opinion:   1. Orders are correct more often and menus and specials are more accessible   2. More opportunity to have promotional offers and coupons available for customers, especially repeat customers    3. Cookies allow for fast input and no wait to order    4. Improved customer service, since half is now decreased from the equation    5. Possibility for cross comparisons to be implemented to see the differences in brands, products, quality, and pricing    *6. Allows the possibility of order tracking/status and order time estimation

This is a new field to the pizza industry and I’d be interested in seeing how it works. So far, numbers seem to be on the rise and customers seem to be much more pleased with this ordering method. I, personally, feel like ordering a pizza to simply see the difference and compare my experiences. It’s a thought…


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