These and Thats of New Mind Marketing


Finally. The article that embodies what I’ve been stressing all along. The economy is in a slump, and that can’t be fixed, but those of us who take pride in enjoying the twists and turns that marketing is reknowned for is all a part of the job. No, it’s not in that extra pocket of the brand new leather briefcase you bought at Staples last Monday, or for those economy-weary, the same one you got on Ebay for half the price as that other guy who was impatient; ingenious ideas don’t fall into that “dime a dozen” category. That’s what makes them ingenious. It is their revolutionary nature, their grasp of the concepts everyone else keeps passing over while they concentrate on the menial ins and outs of bullshit-by-the-book action plans. Fuck it. To pull yourself out of the hole we’ve all dug and buried ourselves shit deep in, we’re going to have to try a lot harder to get out of it than we did getting ourselves in there. Those who are going to start making their way back to a “breathe of fresh air”, no pun intended, are those who tell all those people out there with this box they think in all the time or box they keep crap in  for ideas later on or whatever freakin’ box it is they want to use, to get a life. You know, the ones to the left of the people coloring between the lines and to the right of the people crossing T’s and dotting I’s. Get a break, dot a j instead, do SOMETHING different. We didn’t play it safe when we basically gambled our money away, so why is it NOW that we decide to slump into a hole and hold our breath? No. Be a free thinker. The situation is what it is, so figure out how to work it to your advantage.

Jeremy Parker took $7,000 and made it a company. But he was a free thinker. He didn’t let himself get caught up in “corporate” rules and regulations. True, he took a chance, but it was the risk that paid off in the end. I’m not saying that companies across America start collecting ideas and throwing them out there and hoping that something catches on. I’m saying simply this; what you’re doing now obviously isn’t working, so stop enforcing it harder in hopes that someone somewhere is going to get scared and do something miraculous that wasn’t being done already. Trust me, people simply being concerned that they might not have a job in a few weeks is enough incentive. The push just adds stress, and what does that do, but crack everything supporting it.

My solution. Listen to those around you. You think a “comment box” or “suggestion hotline” that isn’t even taken seriously by those who implement it is going to be the big answer to all unanswered questions? It’s not. Why? Because no one really listens, or get mad because what they hear when they do listen is something they don’t quite want to hear. But now is as good a time as any. Make use of talents and strengths and good ideas. If it’s not store-shattering “dangerous”, why not try out some ideas and see if anything works out for the better, if not, scrap it and learn from it’s failures. Work together with others; one man stands alone, but many creates an army, united as one.

By not listening, you’re not learning, and by not learning, you can never be more than you are right this very moment. And what does that say about you.

Congratulations to Jeremy Parker on a job well done! You just kept me sane a little longer, or for that matter, reminded me I’m sane period. You’re an inspiration!


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