Time To Change?

michaels logoWhile searching Google’s vast selection of images (I wasn’t able to find the one I wanted), I stumbled upon a blog posted on CreativePro.com discussing the most recent change Michaels Arts and Crafts made to their logo. A bold move, indeed, and one made to mimic there attempt at a total overhaul of previous marketing practices. Change, I’d agree, a definite in there most current state, but one that must be executed with the utmost care and concern. Rash, in the least, and certainly not hasty. Personally, I do believe that more time and effort could have been put towards the change, but a decent start, despite it’s cliche appearance, in my opinion. They say logos can make or break you. Look at them as a bad haircut initially; if it looks terrible, you can’t change it easily. Brands in the business are judged, in some cases, solely on marketing. The advertisements, the contributions and donations, the logo design, the slogan… all instances that you critic companies in your mind. A lot of your thought is subconscious and you never notice it, but stop to think about how many of these effect you, how many of these simply words or images trigger immediate company recognition, how they make you automatically feel a sense of emotion… Here’s my breakdown on the Michaels logo change, as posted on CreativePro.com:

“First of all, not only am I a dept manager at Michaels, but I am also a recent graduate with a degree in Marketing and Communications with a Graphic Design emphasis… so this is what I love to talk about. In my overall opinion, I find the typeface cliche and flat. It is, though, a nice change from the previous, which I was quite frankly tired of seeing and did not find creative in the least. This at least, to me, shows a bit of effort on corporates part, although not nearly enough. It is, however, a first step in the right direction for a company truly trying to hang on in these hard times. A lot in the stores has really improved. I think it is starting to look a little more sophisticated and sleek, at times. Some of the signage and such is coming across more adult while keeping it’s younger consumer in mind. This isn’t an overnight change, but enter any Michaels across the US, and I think you’ll notice where their approach as a whole enters into their design of the entire change/promotion/campaign to really increase sales. And for those of you that think the black is boring, uncreative, plain… Black is like white. You start with the most basic and make it the most complicated/detailed. Think of it as starting from scratch. We leave you to fill it in with your own creativity. We are simply there to supply the means to your own and very personal end result… I mean, if we did the creativity for you… The store would serve no purpose!”


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