Reoccuring of Decline

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The economy, in current ruins. The president, a biased symbol of hope. The people, staggering in more ways than one. The numbers, drastically declining, equal to that of the failing times of the depression. The plan, a long stretch away from today’s date. The solution, beats me.

With figures at an all time low, and people in sheer and utter doubt at where salvation lies, the question is, “Where do we go from here?” It’s a daily hope for those with jobs that they arrive that morning to a building still continuing to open its doors to them, and for those without jobs, trying to open doors of their own. It seems at some point, ethics turned its back and humility became a thing of the past. Whatever keeps a man’s dollar in his pocket has become the attitude of most Americans, and agreeably in good right, but unfortunately for those without a dollar to retain in the first place. The poor, simply poorer, and the rich, clutching the sandwich in their hand as they pass, lucky to even notice homeless communities under the bridge they cross each day to the jobs they are so pleased to have. Purely oblivious to reality they chug along, believing they live in a world of disarray and unhappiness; many don’t have the slightest inclination of what level unhappiness sinks. Gratitude, a thing of the past.

As everyone ponders there way out, why not gain some ambition. Today’s surviving buisnesses were all formed from the great idea of one person, and then shared by many more great minds. Something comes from nothing; that’s how it got there in the first place. We have the tools we need, it’s simply a matter of how we utilize them. If you don’t have a job, what service doesn’t exist or do you simply feel you have to bring to the table? What new hobby or craft can you learn that might save money by making homemade items used daily? If you’re bored and feel unappreciated, volunteer your time to strike up enjoyment in others and make a difference in their lives. Focus your own life. Come together for common good.

To turn a dismal situation into that of prosperity, focus less on the material, focus more of the actual. We sum lives up comparable to copper and paper. Life isn’t made of numbers. Money, simply, is a handheld symbol of human worth. Once we can learn how to stick back to basics, and once we swallow our pride long enough to learn from the years before us, then we can move on to a point in which we can say we have grown and we have triumphed.


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